Write a paper (7-10 pages, 12 point font, double spaced, standard margins, times new roman) on one of the following two prompts. As this is the final paper, not a “3 hour” writing assignment, I’ll be grading for style, grammar, etc. – though the heavier g


1. Use your interpretation of Jenson’s understanding of the doctrine of God as Trinity to enter into conversation with and interpret at least two of the three figures we’re investigating in section 3: Augustine, Francis, Day. Address the question: What does a “Jensonian” Christian spirituality/ethics look like, as it is manifested in these lives and writings? Go beyond Jenson’s words, and engage the writings by/about those figures, to offer your own “Jensonian” interpretation of the core of Christian spirituality/ethics in relation to their lives/writings. For example, how do the lives of Augustine, Francis, and/or Day manifest a human response to or participation in the life of the Trinity as described by Jenson? 2. Drawing from at least two of the three figures we’ve read in Part III (Augustine, Francis, Day) and any other course materials/readings you’d like, offer your own theological argument about what is central in the practice of Christian spirituality/ethics: What’s the heart of Christian spirituality/ethics, and how does it organize/pattern lives lived in response to it? For purposes of this paper, bracket the question of whether or not you are a Christian or not – it doesn’t matter for this assignment. Rather, you’re to engage in Christian theology or theological thinking to offer and argue a strong, coherent, and theologically plausible opinion.

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