“Whiteness: The Power of Privilege”, writing homework help


After reading the assigned chapters in Part 3 of the Rothenberg text, write a paper that discusses the phrase ‘white privilege’ as it relates to societies and to you. This paper must use support from all six essays (McIntosh, Wise, Shams, DiAngelo, Graham, and Dyson) to identify and evaluate the objectives noted below.


  1. Define privilege.  According to the authors, what practice(s) create white privilege? What does it mean to claim that whiteness is privileged and normalized  in contemporary U.S. society? 
  2. Explore the meaning of the invisibility of privilege. Is this invisibility sustained in modern societies?  If so, how is it sustained and by whom? 
  3. Discuss the relationship between class and race in the United States.  Do you believe the economic system of capitalism encourages American citizens to take advantage of these privileges? Why, or why not?  How might these privileges have played a role in how you were raised? Provide examples in your life that suggests or dispels this privilege of whiteness.

This paper must be 3-4 pages in length & double-spaced.  You do not need to provide an abstract for this paper; however, you must include citations from each of the essays and provide a Reference List correctly formatted in APA style. 

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