the 1962 movie, “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Write four + page essay, including a Works Cited page, critiquing and analyzing the 1962 movie, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Please see the attached formatting guideline for the evaluation essay. Format for your evaluation paper Basic guidelines Your paper must be in MLA format. It should be at least four pages long plus a Works Cited page. The writing should be in Standard American English, well-structured, easy to follow, free from personal references and unnecessary wordiness. Your introduction should Present the subject of your evaluation: “The 1962 movie ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’” Present your evaluation claim and your criteria. Your audience Classic movie enthusiasts Your purpose Persuade your audience to see the value (or lack of value) of the movie. Each body paragraph should State a criterion and defend it is necessary Show that X meets or does not meet the criterion Treatment of alternative or opposing views Summarize objections to your criteria or your match Respond to these objections Each reference to a source should Introduce the source using an attributive tag (According to….) Quote or summarize the important information from the source Explain the significance of the information from the source Include a correct MLA in-text citation, which is also referenced in the final Works Cited page Your conclusion should Sum up your evaluation A final note This paper is not about you. It is about the issue (the movie). Therefore, the following words and phrases do not belong in your essay: I, me, myself, we, us, in my opinion, I think, I believe. Your paper is also not about your reader, and you do not know your reader personally; therefore, the following words do not belong in your essay either: you, your, you’re, yourself.

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