Stroke information Handout : low health literacy.

This assignment entails creating a stroke information Handout. So we will begin by defining health literacy and identify who is at risk for low health literacy in your community

Stroke information Handout : low health literacy.

Paper details Select any type of health education material utilized at your place of employment, health care provider’s office, or hospital; such as a pamphlet or handout. Firstly, define health literacy and identify who is at risk for low health knowledge  in your community (based on community demographics and risk factors known in the literature for low health literacy). Secondly, analyze the impact of low knowledge on health promotion and health education. Thirdly, describe the SMOG Formula. 5. Analyze an education document using the SMOG Formula (SMOG Readability Calculator: (Links to an external site.)) (Links to an external site.)

Stroke information Handout : low health knowledge.

Fourthly calculate the literacy level of the selected education document and present findings. Also, evaluate the appropriateness of the education document for the target population.  Explain and justify recommendations to enhance the readability of the educational material Provide a link to the document you are evaluating or upload a copy within the drop box. Write an APA style paper to communicate items 1-8.

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