Philosophy Thesis, NO PAPER

Please write a  2-4 paragraph thesis statement in response to any  reading that has been assigned to date. You  are to take a stance either for or against an idea from the reading under discussion.Your statement should consist of three parts. First you are to begin by describing the point you are arguing against from the author’s point of view. In the case with the questions below, begin by defining the concept. Secondly, you will then assert your thesis for or against the author’s point of view and thirdly you will then explain how you intend to defend your thesis, or why you are right. You will not actually write a paper and so you do not have to embark on the actual defense of your argument. Simply state your thesis and show how you would defend the argument if you were to write a full paper. 

Epictetus Question:1.. Epictetus explains that death is part of change and that we should mourn but not for very long since the death of someone is something we cannot change and we should not focus on the things that are in our control. Do you agree or disagree with this idea as a way to understand the death of loved ones? Why or why not? . He gives various examples of our ability to endure the death of a loved one. Discuss and give an example

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