Occupational Safety Regulations and company Compliance.

For this assignment we will focus on occupational safety regulations and company compliance. Select a public company for this activity. Identify and research their operations.

Occupational Safety Regulations and company Compliance.

Occupational Safety Regulations – Company Compliance. Firstly, select a public company for this activity. Then, identify and research their operations. Secondly, the public company can be your current employer if you work for a publicly-traded company. Or, you may select a public company you are interested in learning more about, have knowledge of, or desire to work for in the future. Thirdly, identify the company that you are using for this activity and provide a thorough summary of its operations. Provide a link to the company’s website. Based on the company’s operations, identify the regulatory agencies that would impact occupational safety and health compliance initiatives.

Occupational Safety Regulations and company Compliance.

In addition, provide an overview of the regulations, standards, etc.  to ensure compliance with the regulatory agencies noted in your previous response. Lastly, provide a discussion as to what this organization would need to do to establish and maintain compliance with the Hazard Communication Standard. Which now aligns with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.  Class Text Book is “Legal Liabilities in Safety and Loss Prevention, 3rd edition, Thomas D Schneid.” Chapter 3,7, and 8***

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