My Worst Experience at a Restaurant

Farley’s restaurant in Roswell doesn’t look like a dump, but it is.
It is a fairly new restaurant, one my wife and I had been wanting to try ever since it was first being built. Last year, we had a chance to try it for lunch. We went there with our two-year-old son. Initial impressions were positive. The restaurant looked like a neat place to eat. The decor seemed to follow a kind of hip-retro rock-n-roll kind of theme, and there was even an old Moto Guzzi motorcycle parked on a stand in the middle of the floor for atmosphere.The hostess showed us to our table, and we waited.
The waitress came by and took our drink order. We waited some more, and the waitress brought our drinks and took our food order. We waited some more. And then we waited some more. We waited and waited and waited. Our little two-year-old was growing cranky and impatient, but we waited and waited for the better part of an hour. Finally, after watching other people who came in after us get their food, the waitress came by and said it would be just a few more minutes.

A few minutes later, she came by and said the kitchen was just starting our order. We left. About a week later my wife asked me if I wanted to go back to Farley’s to give it another chance. “No way,” I said. “They forgot about our business before, so they can forget about it now. ” But she was still curious, because the menu looked good to her. Shortly thereafter we were driving back from Grandma’s house, and our little son fell asleep in the back seat of the car.
My wife said she wanted to get some take-out for lunch, so I reluctantly agreed to pull into Farley’s and wait in the car while she ordered some nachos. So I sat in the hot car with our sleeping son while she went in and ordered her take-out nachos. Again, we waited and waited. Finally, after way too long, she came back to the car with her order. We took our son home and put him to bed, and my wife ate her nachos.Later that night, she began to feel queasy, and then she became violently sick with food poisoning. She was sick all the next day, as well, and finally started to recover the day after.
Later on, she told me that she thinks the kitchen staff might have dropped her order, and rather than fix her a new one, the might have just scooped it off the floor. I was pretty mad the first time we went to Farley’s and they forgot all about us. Now I’m just glad they didn’t have a chance to poison my son.

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