marketing and hrm

answer following two discussion


part A

Visit the Click through the “ZIP Code Look-up” tab. Put 36081 in the ZIP Code. Then, address the following items in your post:

1.What are the most common segments among your results?

2.What segment among the most common segments most fits your family?

3.How accurately do you feel these categorizations are for that neighborhood as a whole?

4.How accurately do you feel the segment you selected fits you?

5.How useful do you feel this tool is for marketers?

Provide ample explanation and justification in support of your answers to the questions above.

Part B

Review the replies your peers made in Post A. Select a peer that represents a segment different than yours. Then, address the following items in your post:

1.What are three differences in the marketing efforts directed at your segment versus those directed at your peer’s segment?

2.What are some differences you might expect for the life of a promotion manager tasked with your segment versus the life of a promotion manager tasked with your peer’s segment?

work 2

Prior to Covid-19, most world economies were doing very well in the employment sector. The U.S. employment rate was at an all time high. As a result of Covid-19 and its impact upon the world, the U.S. is now experiencing record unemployment numbers that have not been seen since the “Great Depression”. This is now impacting the livelihoods of millions. As we continue to move through this event , we must define what the “New Normal” for the business world will look like from soft openings to the potential for sustained operations. Now it’s time for your thoughts.

Answer the following questions and then reply to 2 of your classmates’ posts.

1. How do you feel that recovery activities from Covid-19 will affect staffing throughout the business world?

2. Explain your thoughts as to how businesses will or will not be able to maintain their pre-Covid-19 levels of staffing?

3. As a result of Covid-19 businesses have had to get creative in the ways in which they do business. Do you think that we will see more businesses moving away from brick and mortar since they have had to utilize more of the virtual world resources and if so, how will this affect businesses in staffing their companies? Explain your answer. This is not a yes or no question.

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