Litrl201 Janee

 What I took from the reading is that Confucius is criticizing the people  who do not use integrity. Confucius expects everyone to have integrity.  In army words integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is  looking. Its about being honest and trustworthy and having strong moral  principles that Is what everyone should try to be. A person with  integrity takes responsibility for their own action they put others  needs above their own. They show respect to everyone and offer to help  the people that need help. In my opinion and 

example of this is when The  Master said: “Don’t worry if you have no position: worry about making  yourself worthy of one. Don’t worry if you aren’t known and admired:  devote yourself to a life that deserves admiration.” This is saying that  you should be a person that deserves admiration. Devote yourself to an  honest life, a life that you are proud of filled with honesty a life  that you know you did the right thing at the right time for all the  right reasons. I agree with Confucius, integrity is an important  character trait that a lot of people don’t have. In the end, people  without integrity cannot be trusted. 

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