Intervention/Delivery of Services Activity

Intervention/Delivery of Services Activity

Intervention/Delivery of Services Activity

Description of Assignment

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model outlines specific delivery services school counselors can use to meet student needs across the academic, personal/social, and career domains. School counselors must be able to identify a need and select an appropriate delivery service to address the presenting concern.

School counselors in training must develop a solid understanding of how service delivery systems are used to support the success of students across the academic, career, and personal-social domains. While many professional school counselors will say there is no such thing as a “typical” day, most agree that there are commonalities in the ways a counselor engages with stakeholders during a school day. A school counselor will work in a one on one setting with a student, collaborate with a teacher or administrator, answer questions from a parent, and work with students in a small group or class- room setting to address a specific issue.Assignment Instructions

Intervention and Delivery of Services Case Studies Activity. For this assignment, learners will review the case studies below and utilize the text, other course reading materials, and scholarly literature to explore and examine the range of delivery system services available to school counselors. Learners will present an appropriate plan to address the presenting concern.

 Part 1: Intervention and Referral Services

Learners will provide an introduction that examines the range of delivery services, including individual counseling, group counseling, peer intervention programs, individual student planning, career counseling, collaboration, consultation with parents/teachers, referrals to outside agencies, school counseling core curriculum, etc.

This should be a concise overview, along with examples and evidence from the literature demonstrating your understanding of the various systems and how a school counselor utilizes those systems to support student success.

 Part 2: Case Studies

Analyze each case study as if you were the counselor assigned to work with the student. Include the following information:

  • Summarize the student, including demographics and developmental
  • Identify the presenting concern(s).
  • Propose at least two delivery system services that would be appropriate for the

For each case, there is not necessarily a “right” or “wrong” answer; however, a learner must justify the selection of the delivery systems based on evidence from the literature!!!


 Background Information:

Emory Harper is 15 and in the ninth grade. He is a student at Scholardale High School. He lives with his father, mother, and younger sister; his older brother is a freshman at an Ivy League school. His father is the chair of the prestigious computer science department at a nearby university, and the family is well off financially. Emory has always been an A student, but lately his grades have been slipping. Mom has suggested that he sleeps too much and he’s not getting homework done.

Emory Harper-Speaking to the School Counselor

Ninth Grade Student

Did my mom make you talk to me? She’s been on my case about my grades. She wants me to go to an Ivy League school like my brother and be a scientist like my dad. But I’m not that smart. My mom took my phone away for a week because I got a C on an English test. But, the thing is, I don’t even want to be in Advanced English. I’m only taking it because she made me, because you need to be in that class to get into Advanced Placement English. The only class I like is art. And my mom keeps trying to get me to join clubs and stuff. But all the clubs are boring. I mean, I guess there’s the Chess Club. I liked to play chess when I was younger, but that’s boring now too. My friend Brody was trying to get me to join, but, I don’t know. He’s not really my friend anymore. I don’t really hang out with any of the guys I hung out with in middle school. I just want everyone to leave me alone.

Bryan Chen-Speaking to the School Counselor

Art Teacher

I’m glad you came to talk to me about Emory. I can tell he has a lot on his mind. He’s in my Painting and Illustration class, and he’s been coming by after school to do more drawing, even when he doesn’t need to for an assignment. Which is fine by me. I guess he needs a place to go to unwind. Emory is a very talented kid. I’ve suggested to him that he thinks about a career involving art. He told me that wasn’t an option because his parents want him to be a doctor or a scientist. They didn’t even want him to take my class.


Background Information:

Javion Jackson is a 13-year old sixth grade student at Douglas Middle School. Javion was held back in second grade and therefore is older than most of his peers. Javion is African-American and comes from a low-SES background. His parents were never married, and his mother has been incarcerated for the past two years for a drug conviction; he also has two younger siblings who are in elementary school. Javion’s father is a building contractor, and because jobs have been slow for some time, they were evicted from their apartments due to being 4 months behind in rent. Javion’s family has been currently staying at the home of a friend who is out of town, but that option will end soon. Javion, who has rarely had disciplinary issues in the past, has been talking back to teachers and getting into fights with students. He was suspended last week for three days after a fist fight in the cafeteria. In fifth grade, he was mostly a B student, and now his grades are mostly Ds.Javion Jackson-Speaking to the School Counselor

Sixth Grade Student

I’m sorry I’ve been in so much trouble. And I’m sorry I got into that fight with Zyveon. It’s just that… well, we were doing a group project in social studies. And he was trying to get everyone to come to his house to work on the project. And I don’t have any way to get there. We’ve been living in a lot of places lately, and that totally sucks. I miss our house. But anyway, I couldn’t go over to Zyveon’s house to work on the project because there’s no one to drive me there. My dad has been working at night doing whatever jobs he can find. Plus, I’ve been helping my dad with some of his jobs so I can earn mon- ey too and help take care of my younger brother and sister. I didn’t want to tell Zyveon that, but I guess he heard rumors. So I told him that I couldn’t come over, and he called me homeless and laughed about how my mom’s in prison. So I fought him. I won’t put up with no one saying stuff about my mom.

Jamarcus Jackson-Speaking to the School Counselor


Look, Javion is a good kid. I know his grades are lousy and that he got suspended for fighting. I know I need to spend more time with him, but right now I just can’t. I’m literally doing everything I can to keep a roof over my family’s head. I haven’t been able to get steady construction work for a long time now, so I’m just doing odds and ends jobs whenever I can get them. That means I’m not always home for dinner or to put the kids to bed. They’re alone a lot of the time. And right now we’re living at a friend’s house while he’s out of town. I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do when he gets back. We’ve been bouncing around from place to place since we lost our house. I guess I should get onto a wait list for a shelter. That beats living in our car. Look, I’ll talk to Javion, okay? Like I said, he’s a really good kid, and this isn’t like him. He’s never gotten into a fight before, ever.

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