Financial Management T- Commercial Investment Property.

Financial Management Topic Commercial Investment Property.  You and two business partners are considering the purchase of the following commercial investment property: Commercial Property: Estimated purchase price: $600,000 (building only) Type of property: Mixed-use. Units: 3 residential second-floor Apts. – (A) 1,500 sq. ft., (B) 1,250 sq. ft., and (C) 850 sq. ft. 3 retail ground floor Units, with separate entrances, 1,200 sq. ft. each. Lease Information: Residential Apartments: All residential units are rented. Retail Units-annual rental revenues: Each Retail Unit is under a month-to-month gross lease. Other Information: The property is subject to a 50 years ground lease (all property interests reverts to the seller at the end of the ground lease). The business partners with pay the ground lease landlord an annual ground lease payment of $20,000. Each business partner will purchase a 1/3 interest in the investment. Provide your business partners with the following information: What type of leasehold estate is a ground lease? How does the ground lease impact their property ownership? Besides the obligation to pay the annual ground lease rent, are there any other expenses the business partners would have to pay that pertain to the ground lease? What happens to property/investment at the end of the ground lease term? The business partners did not negotiate an option to renew the ground lease. What challenges may arise if they now want to renegotiate the renewal option into the ground lease? For the retail tenants, identify the commercial lease types that may be used for the three retail tenants. Based on your analysis in item 6 above, provide a recommendation of a lease type that should be used for the three retail tenants that will maximize retail rental revenues. One of the retail tenants will eventually need more space and may need to move to a different property within the next 12-24 months. This tenant is expected to ask for a provision in the lease that will allow the sublet or assignment of the premises. Describe the differences between a sublet and an assignment lease provision. Provide a recommendation as to which provision is most beneficial to the business partners. The business partners are concerned that some tenants may not like the change in ownership and attempt to get out of their lease obligations. Describe how leases may be terminated. List the remedies available to the business partners if a tenant breached the lease terms. List the different ways to hold title in the investment. Provide a recommendation that will be acceptable to the business partners. This assignment must include properly formatted APA-style citations. Submit your answers to the appropriate Dropbox folder by 11:59 pm CT on Sunday. All assignments will be checked for plagiarism and must contain original thought, interpretation, and analysis. You must include a cover page, properly formatted APA-style citations and a reference page, a minimum of 2 pages in 12-point, Time New Roman, double-spaced font (not including the cover and reference pages). Statements in quotations, graphs, footnotes, charts, and citations also do not count toward the 2-page minimum.

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