Family Health Assessment

     Family Health Assessment


A family health assessment is an essential component of community healthcare, as it helps medical personnel to identify areas of focus (Peterson-Burch, 2018). The mutual goal of healthcare institutions, organizations, and public health is curbing illnesses and subsequently promoting wellbeing in communities. Their primary focus is promoting healthy living for all individuals, and family assessments provide a reliable foundation. Functional health patterns help in determining how to address a household, what questions to raise, and which areas to focus and educate. This paper outlines a questionnaire used to evaluate a family of four living in Old Town, Chicago. It also provides a comprehensive assessment of the findings and examines the family’s quality of health.

Interview Questionnaire        

Values / Health Perception

What specific steps does the family take to enhance their general health?

Does anyone in the household use drugs? What is the perception of the rest about it?

Is the family affiliated with any religious, political, or cultural group?


How often does the family eat together? Who are involved?

How much does the family eat on average on a typical day?

Does the family eat any nutritious meals? If so, how often?


Is there any family member with sleeping inconsistencies?

What are the sleeping patterns of the whole family?

What are the strategies used to solve sleeping problems?


Are the bowel movements of the family members regular?

What are your urination patterns?

Are there issues in bladder or bowel elimination?


Is the family involved in any type of exercise?

How often do you exercise?

Are there noticeable issues with sedentary behavior?


What are the education levels in the household?

Do you have memory problems?

Has anyone in the household visited a therapist?


Are there sensory deficits in the household?

Does the family have a history of sensory issues?

In the context of senses, has any member of the family visited an optometrist before?


Do you possess a significant imperfection?

Is there a family member who is uncomfortable with their appearance?

What’s the daily perception of yourself?

Role Relationship

What roles does each person in the family hold?

Which relationships aren’t typically strong, and which ones are?

Are there any significant changes in family relationships?


Does anyone in the family seem to question their perception of sexuality?

How does the family perceive the concept of having children?

Does the family have a history of sexual dysfunction?


What are the typical strategies for solving problems in the family?

Is the application of the approaches often successful?

Has anyone in the family faced emotional distress in the past?

Assessment of Findings

Family Characteristics

The Smiths are a British family, comprising of a 59-year-old father, 54-year-old mom, and two sons aged 14 and 6. All the members are firm believers of Christianity and are regular churchgoers. They also read the Bible regularly and follow its directives on various life choices and behaviors. Both parents suggest that they started the family pretty late in life, uphold and honor general beliefs and heritage of their British culture. The father works manager at a construction firm while his wife runs a clothing store, and they have established a proper middle-class lifestyle.

Health Behaviors

There are notable health behaviors and patterns in the household. For instance, the wife has dealt with diabetes for 20 years, and she takes her prescriptions per the physician’s instructions. Being a firm believer in preventive care, she pays regular visits to both her primary physician and endocrinologist. On the other hand, the husband is overweight and doesn’t believe much in “healthy” living. Likewise, he has a long-term condition of hypertension but takes pharmacy prescriptions properly. Both kids are healthy, have no chronic illnesses, and are fully immunized. They attend regular health and fitness checkups from the family physician.

Health Pattern strengths and Barriers

Nutrition is described as the practice of acquiring minerals, vitamins, and other vital components required for health and growth (Anders & Schroeter, 2017). The Smiths enjoy eating whole foods, meat, vegetables, fruits, and diet rich sausages. They are also relatively exploratory, and they use cookbooks to prepare inventive, healthy meals. Also, they have a backyard garden where they harvest vegetables and fruits at different all year round. Everyone gets three proper meals a day, with the children getting snacks regularly for energy boosts. The father has a particular weakness for fast food, and thus the wife avoids to order food. Finally, the Smiths get together on weekends for dinner, where the parents drink wine and cocktails while the kids take juice or soda.

Likewise, the Smiths have exemplary sleep and rest patterns. On average, the entire family sleeps for seven to eight hours at night. Also, everyone is accustomed to taking regular “power naps,” mainly when they come from school or work, or after completing cumbersome tasks. On weekdays, sleeping time is at 9:30, while on weekends everyone is free to stay up to 10:30. The curfew for both children is at 9:00, with exemptions being made only for school-related activities. No one in the family reported having sleeping problems, and they all enjoy retiring early to bed and waking up refreshed.

However, there are several notable barriers to health in various traits depicted by the Smiths. One, they all believe that having problems with memory is a typical occurrence. Both children shared instances where they forgot their homework while their father forgets his car keys regularly. Also, the entire family has a prescription of glasses, but no one views it as a cognitive issue. No one in the family has a neuro-deficiency problem, but Mr. Smith struggles with movement at times due to his weight.

Two, Mr. Smith has the problem of constipation, which he feels has been prevalent for his entire life. Despite an increased intake of water and fiber-rich dishes, the issue still prevails. On the other hand, Mrs. Smith has to wake up at least once in the middle of the night to urinate, a practice she finds typical. Her perception is that the frequent urination results from drinking too much water. Third, the Smiths don’t have any routines for exercise. Besides, going to work or school, almost everyone has to be dragged outside to walk or interact with neighbors. Mrs. Smith does her best to walk at least thrice a week but only due to her underlying health condition.

                                             Conclusion and Recommendations                       

According to the family systems theory, a family is an emotional unit that depends on system thinking to guide interactions (Alzoubi, 2018). Therefore, there is an innate emotional connection in every family that glues individuals together. Also, people in a household affect each other’s thinking, actions, ideologies, and emotions. The Smiths typically depict a strong sense of emotional connection and a profound understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They can capitalize on the deep-rooted connection to change various practices and habits that could that inhibit health.

For instance, Mrs. Smith should utilize her understanding of the benefits of walking and urge her family to exercise often. Likewise, the entire family should acknowledge the issue of memory loss and decide on whether to seek professional help to avoid long-term consequences. The emotional connection between the Smiths is integral in ensuring that they look after each other’s health and wellbeing. Mrs. Smith, in particular, is the focal point of the family and should use her authority to eradicate all barriers to health.


Alzoubi, N. (2018). Nuclear Family Emotional System and Family Projection Process in Tennessee Williams’ Period of Adjustment. American Studies Journal, 64(2).

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