Define how Cognitive Psychologists measure complicated constructs

Purpose: The goal of this assignment is to define think about how Cognitive Psychologists measure complicated constructs. Specifically, I want you to reflect on how researchers measure consciousness, and how the definitions they use affect their measurement. I want you to demonstrate that you can think about consciousness from a Cognitive perspective.

Part 1: Use a consciousness definition (Due by Sunday, September 13th) | 2 pt

Roll a 6 sided die (if you don’t have one you can use this random number generator: (Links to an external site.)). Use the number you rolled (or generated) to pick a consciousness definition from the table below:PICK ONE

definition: Awareness of outside worldUse

definition: Awareness of Sensations & PerceptionsUse

definition: Awareness of Self & Others

Now pick any creature you want that was not mentioned in the video lecture (i.e., can’t be flies, bacteria, elephant, dolphin, human, apes/monkeys, or birds). Also, try to be more creative than your pet cat or pet dog. Think outside the box! Plants and other types of types of life may offer an interesting thought experiment.

Using the definition you rolled from the table above explain why or why not the creature you are analyzing has consciousness!

Do not mention which definition you are using, just use it without stating it directly.

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