Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System. Details Students must type a three to five page paper describing the sequence of events (steps) in the criminal justice system. I’ll give you a hint here – step one would be the initiation of a complaint. Now start with that and follow it through to the end (what might the end be?). Utilize what you have learned so far from your readings and discussions. Cite court cases, rulings and precedents. Tell why you do or do not feel a particular issue, ruling or procedure is good or bad. Put some of your own thoughts and opinions into it. This will give you a higher grade than simply going through the steps and out the door. Utilize your text book and other forms of research, not just the Internet. You MUST have a cover page and reference page (and no, they do not count as part of your three to five pages, nice try). You will lose points for improper formatting! One inch margins all around, Double space, Times New Roman, 12 Font. Utilize research. You MUST cite all work that is not yours! You MUST have at least four references, this is only a minimum, you can have many more. You MUST utilize other methods of research for some of your references other than the Internet. I don’t want to see all – http://, and www., and so on, for every reference. Please do not simply utilize your text book for your only references either. There is a lot out there, use it. This paper should cover chapters 1 through 10. Online textbook:

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