Chick-Fil-A: International Expansion Challenges

Chick-Fil-A: International Expansion Challenges

Tasks:             Turn in your analyses supporting your recommendation to the following question: What do you recommend to the company’s senior management?Process:          Read carefully (& at least twice).  You may address the following questions:

  • What challenges & opportunities does Chick-Fill-A face at home and abroad?
  • How can it ensure its international success? you may identify up to 10 options
  • Do you think that its internationalization strategy will prove successful?

 Policies:          You are NOT allowed to use or consult any other information source in reference to this case.  You should do this assignment all by yourself without any assistance whatsoever. You should clearly state at the beginning of your WAC report that you comply with these two conditions.

 Specs:             You must be clear, concise, convincing and credible (the 4 C’s of any good report).  Turn assignment through Safe Assignment and a printed copy in class.  Main Text- No more than 1500 words not including Exhibits.  Exhibits- As much space as you need/ see fit. Make sure that you present clear arguments (and Exhibits of your own creation) in support of your conclusions and recommendations. Label your Exhibits with letters (e.g., Exhibit A…) while those in the case with numbers (e.g., Exhibit 1…).  Exhibits supporting your arguments must be referred to in the main text, where appropriate.


Criteria 0.5 1.0 2.0 Total
Challenges/ Opportunities (home & abroad)       /2
Assess up to 10 options to ensure international success       /2
Will its internationalization strategy will prove successful       /2
  2.0 3.5 5.0  
Recommendations       /5
  0.3 0.6 1.0  
Clear       /1
Concise       /1
Consistent       /1
Convincing       /1
Total       /15


September 6, 2019, marked the grand opening of the “first Chick-fil-A franchisee-owned restaurant outside of the United States,”2 in Toronto, Canada. A month later, Chick-fil-A opened its second international franchise, in England.3 Chick-fil-A’s international expansion was accompanied by excitement from fans and anger from members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) community and their allies.4 The US-based fast-food company’s international expansion came at the same time asthe company had lost two US airport store deals within two weeks due to criticisms about its corporate donations to antiLGBTQ groups and public comments opposing gay marriage made by its chief executive officer (CEO).5 As the US protests became a global movement, England’s first Chick-fil-A was forced to agree to relocate by April 2020,6 and a number of questions emerged about the company’s internationalisation strategy…………………………….

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