Cancer Causes Patient Case Study Paper.

Cancer Causes Patient Case Study Paper.


Even though Tanya has the breast cancer gene, it does not necessarily mean she will ever develop breast cancer. However, she does have a chance. In this assignment, you are going evaluate the medical histories and breast cancer risks of Tanya’s friends, and estimate how they might reduce their risks. Cancer Causes Patient Case Study Paper.You will learn about the various risk factors, both genetic and lifestyle related, as well as prevention methods for breast cancer.


For this assignment, you will use a Patient Case Study Profile Form to evaluate four patient profiles and their medical histories. Refer to the resources listed in the What You Need To Know section.

  1. Examine the four patient profiles and medical histories of Tanya’s friends (Mary, Paula, June, and Nora) with respect to their breast cancer risk.
  2. Use the various resources presented this week to help you analyze the cancer causes for each profile.
  3. Use the National Cancer Institute’s Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Risk Calculator Tool (  )to estimate the patient’s risks of developing breast cancer.
  4. Provide recommendations for each patient profile as to how they might reduce their cancer risk.
  5. Enter your recommendations in the Patient Case Study Profile Form next to each patient profile.
  6. Submit your completed document in the assignment area of the courseroom. All assignments are due at end of the week, unless otherwise specified. Cancer Causes Patient Case Study Paper.

cancer risks causes

The following case studies represent interesting or challenging cases seen at the Johns Hopkins Ovarian Cancer Center of Excellence.  Where permission was given, we have included testimonials of our patients.


At 38 years old, Janice was diagnosed with Stage IIIC ovarian cancer and underwent successful surgery followed by 6 cycles of chemotherapy with carboplatin and taxol. She achieved a complete remission and did well for 18 months before her CA 125 level began rising even though CT scans revealed no evidence of disease. Eventually, the CA 125 level reached 60U/ml, but her CT scans were still normal. Without any radiographic evidence of disease, Janice’s original physician did not recommend any further evaluation but rather watching and waiting. Janice sought a more proactive approach from the Johns Hopkins Ovarian Cancer Center in August of 2001 and underwent a combined PET/CT scan, which revealed an apparently localized recurrence in the pelvis. Janice then had successful secondary cytoreductive surgery in September 2001 to remove the mass and received 6 more cycles of carboplatin and taxol chemotherapy. Surprisingly, only 6 months after completing her second round of chemotherapy treatments, Janice’s cancer recurred again in the pelvis, not far from the previous site of recurrence. Because the recurrence again appeared to be localized, in July 2002, Janice underwent tertiary debulking surgery, with successful removal of the recurrent ovarian cancer mass. At this surgery, a portion of the tumor was submitted for an extreme drug resistance assay. Cancer Causes Patient Case Study Paper.The assay indicated that this time the tumor cells had developed resistance to the drugs that Janice had just been treated with (carboplatin and taxol). Consequently, a different chemotherapy drug (Gemcitabine) was chosen for the third round of treatment. Janice completed her last round of chemotherapy in December of 2002 and today remains cancer-free.
Case Highlights:

  1. Use of combined PET/CT to diagnose occult recurrence.
  2. Use of secondary debulking surgery. Most patients only will be given the option of additional chemotherapy.
  3. Use of the extreme drug resistance assay to direct chemotherapy. Cancer Causes Patient Case Study Paper.

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