(Answered) NR507 week 6 Discussion


A 12-year-old boy is brought to the office for evaluation of hives. He has no significant past medical history and no history of allergies. He has just joined the middle school soccer team and noticed that he gets hives about 10 minutes into practice. The hives are itchy and consist of irregular blotches on his legs and trunk, about 10–20 cm in size, and they persist for about 30 minutes. He does not experience swelling of the lips or oropharynx and denies any wheezing or shortness of breath. His physical examination is normal without skin lesions or oral swelling at that moment, and his lungs are clear. After evaluation, he is diagnosed with urticaria.

  1. Discuss the likely cause of the patient’s urticaria.
  2. Describe the cellular mechanism of urticaria and how it leads to the signs and symptoms experienced by the patient.
  3. Describe the relationship between the patient’s symptoms and the concept of inflammation.
  4. What pharmacological and non-pharmacologic treatment options are available?
  5. Discuss the complications of urticaria.
  6. What teaching would be appropriate to provide the parent and child about urticaria?
  7. Support your response with at least one current evidence based resource


Discuss the likely cause of the patient’s urticaria

The likely cause of the hives in the case scenario is the allergic reaction triggered by the exercise.  The  12-year old boy gets hives about 10 minutes into soccer practice, which may be caused by the exercise.  Kounis,  Kounis, and  Soufras (2016)  argue that exercise-induced urticaria is caused by water in the gland during the exercise, which then interacts with the sebum to form a compound acting as an allergen that induces the release of histamines. Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5

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