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Smith, A. E., & Hatmaker, D. M. (2014). Knowing, doing, and becoming: Professional

construction among public affairs doctoral students. Journal of Public Affairs Education,

20(4), 545-564. Retrieved from

According to Hatmaker and Smith (2014), researchers have, for a long time, shown

interest in how doctoral students are prepared to complete research for their dissertations. The purpose of this study was to provide insight on how to help doctoral students to become effective researchers and scholars, as well as, create their identity in their specific areas of study. Researchers chose 59 students within 2 years, from two separate cohorts. The students chosen where those who had an interest in having an academic career. There were 27 students interviewed in this process, across 25 universities, and 6 different countries. Some students were participating in programs such as public administration, management, political science, etc. The participants were mostly men, with eighteen being women. During the study seven students had just graduated and the other students had reached the stage of completing their proposals and/or dissertations. After interviewing the candidates and going through a process to gather and collect data to analyze, the authors received plenty of information on what is a researcher, their gains from having mentors and building relationships, and their strive to create their professional identities. To sum up what they found, the authors provided a model that illustrates how the different programs that students were in use strategies that allowed advisors and assistantships to help greatly in the student’s journey. Of the information provided, I plan to keep at a forefront, the importance of having relationships with several faculty members and not settle for a relationship with one advisor or one mentor. It is noted that a limitation or weakness of this article is that the students that were used wanted to participate in the study, so more than likely these students, all are high performing and self-directed and motivated. With a study using a mixed group, results may be a little different.

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