A memorable experience from your childhood.

Recall a place, person, or a memorable experience from your childhood. Focus on describing this in great
Here are some ideas:

  • You can think of a place that you knew as a child and then visited later on. Write about how the place had
    changed and not changed. You can write about a person who greatly influenced you, a decision you made, or
    a challenge or obstacle that you faced.
  • Recall a time when you struggled to accomplish something important to you. Write an essay in which you
    relate your struggle, your triumph (or failure), and the effects of the experience. Be sure that readers
    understand why the goal meant so much to you.
  • Write about a time when a teacher, a work supervisor, or some other influential person took a special interest
    in helping you to succeed. Recall how this person influenced you and how he or she changed your life. Include
    plenty of detail to bring that person to life.
    During this assignment, focus on using effective description. In this essay, you should do the following:
    Use specifics.
    Use the five senses.
    Use showing instead of telling.

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